Thursday, May 11, 2017

Westminster candidates for Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch and Strathspey announced

According to the Highland Council site the candidates for Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch and Strathspey are as follows:

Donald MacLeod Boyd - Scottish Christian Party “Proclaiming Christ’s Lordship”
Ritchie Cunningham - Scottish Liberal Democrats
Drew Hendry - Scottish National Party (SNP)
Mike Robb - Scottish Labour Party
Nicholas Tulloch - Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Fresh from his unsuccessful candidature for the Highland Council elections local man Ritchie Cunningham is standing for the LibDems.


Anonymous said...

I won 't be voting SNP this time.
I will vote for the party that will KEEP it's promise on replenishing social (council) housing. Not help to buy.
There are people , very low earners, disabled people etc, who can never commit to buying.
Without it the future is going to be very bleak for a lot young people in Scotland.They will never build up a deposit.
At least they talk about it in England ...all we hear about in Scotland is independence....
not much good to folk with more important needs.
Anyone who is a British citizen should be given priority to social housing..

Anonymous said...

Anon, who will you vote for? I think there is much more needing done re social housing, but the SNP has a better record than any other party that have held power lately. Right to buy has been extended by the Tories in England & Wales.

Despite Tory austerity & budget cuts that the SNP mitigate including the bedroom tax, housing benefit cuts for the under 21s, providing free school meals, free prescriptions, free care for the elderly, free tuition & keeping the educational maintenance grant to name a few: SNP exceeded their target of 20,000 homes for social rent by 400, including almost 5,300 council home completions. This compares to just six council homes completed in Labour’s last term of office in Scotland. They've also taken steps to safeguard social housing for the future by abolishing the right to buy, protecting 15,500 social rented sector homes.
In this parliament we will invest £3 billion to build at least 50,000 new affordable homes, of which 35,000 will be for social rent.

cradlehall said...

Will somebody tell the SNP that the public will get bored with having an independence referendum every few years. In fact, I'm bored already.
As far as I can see, the SNP government can't see past the central belt when it comes to capital expenditure. An example of this are the improvements to the A96 and the A9 which are just dawdling along compared to the road building down south.

GV said...

Had a letter from Ruthie through the door, asking me to vote for Nick Tulloch, but telling me absolutely Nothing about him, who he was, what he had done, why he deserved to be elected as my MP.

Nothing on Google, his address is given on the postal voting slip as 19 The Monastry St Benedicts Abbey, Fort Augustus, but no clue as to what he does there. Is he, was he, a Monk ? A spent conviction axe murderer ? an ex Banker ? ( which some seem to consider as worse than axe murderers ! IS he 22 or 79?

Or just Fort Augustus chippy owner, or a newsagent, with no greater claim to MP worthiness than I have ? ( and I don't have much )

Anybody know ANYTHING about him, beyond the fact that Ruthie would like us to elect him ?