Friday, October 20, 2017

Can you spare a couple of Alpine plants for Cantraybridge College?

What has a new outdoor classroom, a well-known soup company and a need for Alpine plants got in common? No idea? Well the students at Cantraybridge College in Croy could tell you. Cantraybridge College, near Croy, supports young adults with learning disabilities and autism spectrum disorders to learn valuable life and employment skills. And the College needs your help!

Funded by the George and Ena Baxter Foundation, the college recently had a new outdoor classroom built. The building was designed and built by local contractors, Whytes Sawmill, to give the 70 students opportunities to learn about the environment and how food is produced. In line with the College’s already excellent environmental credentials, the new building will have its roof planted with different Alpine plants. This is where they need your support! Do you have any Sedum, Saxifrage, Aubrietia, Primula Vulgaris, America or any small Alpine plants that you might like to split? If so, the College would love to hear from you. College staff can collect plants from you, or you can drop them off at Cantraybridge. Stop in for lunch at the College’s café if you’re dropping by between 12 and 2pm during the week. The roof will not only look stunning when planted, but will provide insulation and a great habitat for insects, in particular the college’s newest arrivals, a hive of bees.

The college can be contacted on 01667 493500 or email at

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