Tuesday, October 31, 2017

No fireworks for Friday night but could Nairn have a St Andrew's Day spectacular instead?

Last night at the regular meeting of the Nairn West and Suburban Community Council meeting the fireworks team of Andrew Randerson and Lorreine Mallison reported that although a huge effort had been made to try and comply with the requirements of event licensing they had been unable to address some safety issues that had occurred. The safety issues were easily fixable however, the meeting heard that they would have to have satisfied a licencing meeting two days before the event was due to take place in one of the fields at Househill. The uncertainty caused by this deadline had reluctantly forced them to postpone the event. 

Failure to satisfy the committee would have meant that the considerable fee for the licensing application would have been lost. With the approval of their council colleagues the CC moved that the application be tweaked with the authorities and resubmitted for an event to take place to celebrate St Andrew's Day at the end of November. A large number of local businesses have promised to support the event and some local traders had planned to attend. The meeting heard that there was still massive support from the business sector and the general public for the event to go ahead and a St Andrew's Day and general Scottish themed event is now on the cards if the re-jigged application is successful. 

Many local cybercitizens have commented on the latest twist to the fireworks efforts on threads on the popular Nairn Rocks and Nairn our Town facebook pages.