Sunday, October 08, 2017

Paisley to Nairn the return trip

Stuart told the Gurn:

It was July 2nd this year that I travelled up to Nairn from Paisley to see St Mirren play the hosts, Nairn County FC in a pre season friendly. Leaving the score aside, it was the immediate impression of a well run club run by seriously good people that made my mind up that a return trip was a must. 

But for the passing of young Calum Riddell and the subsequent cancelling of yesterday's SHFL game against Huntly, that trip would have been made yesterday. However after an early departure from Paisley this morning, I arrived outside Station Park for the Calum Riddell benefit match, to be met once again by Andy the gate steward who I was talking to when a gent wearing a yellow Nairn County jacket approached me and said "Stuart, nice to meet you at last. I'm Donald Matheson, club chairman" From that point in time I met all manner of club members, from deputy chairman Ian Finlayson and director Shone Devine to club legend, goalkeeper Richard Konzack of the 1975/76 league winning side. Indeed there were more but one or two of their names have slipped my mind for which I can only apologise. I was flabbergasted by a few people that came up and shook my hand because they follow me on Twitter or saw John Dolan's excellent article in last Tuesdays Nairnshire Telegraph which included a photo I sent him. 

The match itself was well contested with one or two meaty tackles going in but on the whole it was played in a good atmosphere and the final score, a 1-1 draw was the perfect end to an emotional day. 

After the game, club photographer Kenny MacLeod kindly took a couple of photos of me and the chairman standing on the park in front of the stand. I said my goodbyes to a few people and all to soon, I was back in the car and pointing it in the general direction of my home town of Paisley. Sitting at home I am still turning over in my mind everything that happened today. The 390 mile round trip was nothing. I had enjoyed myself immensely and I have very intention of being back at Station Park before the end of the season. Once again I was welcomed with open arms by many that I now consider my friends. 

So thank you all and all the best for the rest of the season. The "Wee County" are my SHFL team. No mistake.

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