Thursday, March 01, 2018

Anger at BID signature delay by Highland Council: Alistair Noble states document "quite clearly said there would be no parking charges in Nairn for the five years that the BID would be in existence"

Alistair Noble speaking at the Nairn West and Suburban Community Council meeting on Monday night expressed his anger at the delay in Highland Council signing off the BID document that businesses in Nairn would vote on. He said:

“One of the things that really annoyed me is that the document that was meant to be signed off between the BID and the Council, they've had it for roughly four months, quite clearly said there would be no parking charges in Nairn for the five years that the BID would be in existence. I can only assume that some of the delay in signing off that document was because that people knew that there was going to be parking charges or an attempt to bring in parking charges.

 I personally find it very frustrating that we have so much that is positive and good looking forward that we are right back into some of these absolutely crazy arguments where the BID is diverted to arguing about parking. Because there's absolutely no doubt in anyone's mind that parking charges and restrictions on toilets and charging for toilets is going to tear the heart out of the centre of Nairn and that cannot be in Nairnshire's good, it cannot be in the Council's good, it can't be in the Scottish Government's good and it certainly can't be in the Westminster Government's good. So we really have to decide what we are doing about all of this and try and come up with a much better way of working together."


Anonymous said...

So .... we have "independent" councillors; we have an "independent-led" leadership locally and in Inverness; we have a Tory from "anywhere but Nairn" - so .......
Next time let's have an SNP/Green led-council with all our councillors living in our area!

party pooper said...

Nah, Anon of 9.22am...... I have a better idea.

Let's ban party-politics from local government entirely. Let's have locally-resident, locally-elected councillors whose only loyalty is to the communities they represent. Yes, and let's go one step further: cease paying them, and ensure they work for expenses only.

That way we will get public-spirited volunteers, and we will get rid of the the two problems which afflict the present system: party hacks who take instructions from, and owe their positions to, some distant party HQ, and self-serving, self-promoting individuals who are more concerned with their monthly pay-cheque than their principles.

dew dough l'carrot said...

@party pooper

It's funny but I thought I voted for a non political, independent, locally resided councillor in the elections last year but it seems he's switched allegiance from his local community to that of Inverness council

party pooper said...

@dew dough.....

Sadly, there are a lot who voted like you, and shared your expectations of the "non-political, independent, locally-resident" councillors.

Now I think many have concluded otherwise


So Alistair was up set things did not go the way he and BID would of liked it to.
But that's life and no one knows that more than me.
When I said so at the same meeting
I said they keep telling us that the community has to work together when you want things done.
Then went on to highlight some of the things I have tried to get there support for
A bus shelter at the hospital. A ramp at the Firhall Bridge. Improved safety on the station brae.
All require the support of those who profess to have the good of the people that would benefit form there input. But at the moment no support foe any of them and the strange thing is at the moment.
I don't require any of them for my self.
But that is what I think would benefit the people in the community who need these facility's
Just as much as getting something signed and to use his own words win win and make money.