Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Spinning it, Highland Council's free dinners budget for Councillors looks set to go over budget when it should have been cut back.

More in the current edition of the Highland News (excellent journalism from Emma Crichton) and a discussion over on the ever-popular Nairn Our Town Facebook page on the article in question. 

But Nairn's premier fake news site has fallen out of its lunchbox on this one - more over on the Spin.


Anonymous said...

And over in Canada .... things are worse. Keep the pressure up! The Hamilton Council is led by the Conservative Party.
"Hamilton has spent more than $100,000 on free lunches for councillors and senior staff over the past three years.Council members say the free lunches allow them to continue working throughout the day instead of breaking for lunch.
However, other municipalities – including Guelph, Toronto and Windsor – have recently cut the perk in order to trim their budgets.
It’s hard to justify well paid Councillors ($90,385/yr), senior staff on the “sunshine list”, and the Mayor ($171,441/yr) billing taxpayers for their lunches.
Even more so when you consider that the average two-earner household in Hamilton makes less than a single Councillor’s salary."

cradlehall said...

Benefit in kind, me thinks. Should be taxed. Councillors tax codes should be lowered accordingly. That would grab their attention!

Anonymous said...

The world has gone mad for sure. Nurses and Doctors, Paramedics, Fire crews, Police Officer and other front line staff have to pay for their meals if they actually manage to get a meal break. Most employees pay for their meals and do not grudge doing so. Free perks like this should be banned once and for all. I despair sometimes :(