Tuesday, March 27, 2018

So it looks like that if Highland Council had signed the Nairn BID document then parking charges would have been off the agenda for five years?

Last night at their regular monthly meeting Nairn West and Suburban Community Council member Alastair Noble presented the following document. It seems such a shame because to this observer if Nairn's councillors had ensured that the BID document had been signed then that would have been it surely? With any attempt at imposing parking charges on Nairn totally out the window for five years - presuming Nairn businesses vote for the BID proposal.

Below is what Alastair presented to the meeting and if you need information on the BID then here is where you can find out more. 

Update on BID. 

It is interesting to look back at the history of the Nairn BID. It grew from Ryden’s work on the Town Centre Charrette. They, like so many of the outside agencies we have dealt with, saw the potential for real development and investment in Nairn. They approached Ian Davison Porter at BID Scotland and he approached NICE to facilitate the Nairn BID. We, Michael Barnett and myself undertook the enabling role, working with Michael Boylan, Chair of the Association of Nairn Businesses and Michael Green, who was our Chair of the Nairnshire Committee at that time. We travelled all over Scotland to established BIDs and BID meetings. We agreed that a BID would be in Nairn’s best interest. We are now more than ever convinced of the benefit of having the business voice clearly heard using the BID mechanism. 

The BID set up a steering group of local businesses and employed Alan Rankin and now Liam Christie as project managers to develop the BID Business Plan. 

Part of that work was to deliver a Baseline Agreement to clarify which services Highland Council should continue to deliver during the BID term (2018-2023). This is the process used between BIDs throughout Scotland and their local Councils. It clearly identifies what the BID levy payers do not pay for. 

The draft document was sent to me on the 31/October/2017, having already been lodged with Highland Council to be signed off. Timetabled to be signed off by December 31/2017 

Alan had regular meetings and sent monthly reminders to Highland Council. 

The BID Steering Group recorded extreme concern on January 23 at lack of agreement on Baseline Agreement. Alan reported to BID Scotland on February 20/2018 that the Business Agreement was still not agreed and that the deadline of March 15/2018 for sign off by Highland Council and Scottish Government was fast approaching 

In that draft document it clearly stated that there would be continued free car parking in Nairn car parks for the five years. Given my long association with many groups in Nairn and in particular ANB and NEI, I have no doubt that the business sector in Nairn is not in favour of parking charges. 

This was again reinforced when Michael Boylan called the open meeting in the British Legion which unanimously opposed car parking charges in Nairn on 13 February 2018. 

I think it is essential that the BID is successful in the ballot and that we have a strong business voice making sure that we can create as many good, well paid jobs in Nairn as possible. 

I will continue to do all in my power to make sure we deliver a successful Nairn Connects BID from 2018-2023. 

Dr Alastair L Noble MBE


Celtic107 said...

I think the comments Tom heggie gave and hinted at more issues it looks like the bid may not be signed for a while .now I know I'm not the most intelligent person in the world but to my layman brain it sounded like he was blaming the bid team for this not been signed and saying they hadn't done at least 1 fundamental part of it but there was issues

marc marnie said...

As I recall from the last NRCC meeting (March 21st) a councillor stated quite categorically that there was absolutely no truth that any commitment against parking charges was linked to The Bid.
This surprised me.

Also, in answer to a question from myself another councillor made it clear at the same meeting that they were NOT in fact against parking charges per se. I must have misunderstood their earlier statements after they signed off the controversial HC budget.
I don't think I am alone.

Graisg said...

Thanks for other comments folks, we are considering whether to publish them

Michael Boylan said...

The BID is on track, still looking to go to vote this summer. The process isn’t as simple as you would imagine (and that I would have hoped for) but we are on track with a good team working on it.