Monday, February 11, 2019

Contractor appointed for £809,000 Nairn Courthouse revamp

One of our regular readers points us in the direction of a Highland Council press release. Our correspondent wonders if this expenditure is necessary in the current climate of cutbacks and the threat of parking charges in Nairn to raise money. There is no money we are told but perhaps this was coming down the tracks for a while and we imagine all or most of it is necessary - if anyone knows where to find the relevant Highland Council reports that led to this work please let us know and we will link to them. We regret that we are rather busy with other things at the moment and Gurn activity is on slow-burn so please if anyone has further information. Anyway here is the the Highland Council press release:

"The contract for refurbishment works including the removal and replacement of the existing viewing tower at Nairn Courthouse has been awarded by The Highland Council to Laing Traditional Masonry Group (LTM Group).

The £809,000 project at the Category B listed Court House involves the renovation of the two-stage steeple, which is in poor condition, as well as internal and external works required. 

The Service Point and the Council offices will remain operational throughout the 48 week programme, which is anticipated to commence later this month.

The works will be project-managed by the Council’s Development and Infrastructure Service. The project has been progressed with assistance from LDN Architects, Fairhurst Engineers, McLeod & Aitken and Safehands Health & Safety Consultants Ltd.

Cllr Tom Heggie, Nairnshire Committee Chair said: “As part of the Council’s ongoing inspection regime, Nairn Members are delighted that this contract has been awarded. This demonstrates a significant investment by the Council in an iconic building in the heart on Nairn town centre. In contractors Laing Traditional Masonry we are also pleased that our treasured building will be well cared for, based on their excellent work already demonstrated at Inverness Town House.”

Work to erect scaffolding at Nairn Courthouse is anticipated to start on Sunday 17 February 2019."

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