Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Hospital bus stop on Cawdor Road now much closer to being fully on the authorities wish list?

We had the pleasure of a blether with Murd and Kirsty yesterday as they popped in to visit Mrs Gurnmeister  in Raigmore (she's doing very well now readers and could be home soon - feck, time to start tidying up). 

Anyway Murd (already responsible for the erection of one bus stop over at WhinnieKnowe due to his indefatigable efforts) tells us that a bus stop on the Cawdor Road is now more a possibility. This observer will never forget the night at a River CC meeting when he had a bit of craic with Michael Green. Michael had just succeeded in obtaining a bus stop for a group of bairns waiting for a bus up in the Nairnshire Hinterland. "That's us one all on bus stops Michael," said Murd during a vein of priceless banter between the two of them. 

So it might take a bit of time yet but Murd tells us he hears from a Nairnshire Community Partnership direction that although Highland Council are interested in the proposition of a bus shelter being erected and placed at the Nairn & County hospital there is no funding in the 2019/20 budget but that that the Partnership Chair, Chief Inspector Brian MacKay, has asked that inclusion in the 2020/21 budget is considered.
Murd's photoshop design for a bus stop on the Cawdor Road outside Nairn Hospital

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