Saturday, February 23, 2019

River CC shut down stushie and resignation of former secretary - debate on social media

The shut down order from Highland Council to Nairn River Community Council has opened a series of debates both on popular Nairn social media pages "Nairn Rocks" and "Nairn our town our views". Also on the Nairn our town page is a copy of the resignation letter from former NRCC secretary Simon Noble. 

Interestingly, calls are emerging once again for a single Community Council to represent the whole town, 


Anonymous said...

The rubbish being spouted on social media regarding NRCC is wrong in so many ways, though hilarious, to say the least. The "experts" comments are getting more and more outrageous, bordering on paranoia.

One comment is: "Six committee members have left Nairn Riverside Community Council in the past year. What does that say" NRCC have suffered two deaths of their members in the last year - not really resignations - and only one has resigned in the last twelve months or so (and it is a Council not a committee - clue is in the name). Quickly replaced.

Also the imagination is incredible - CC meetings are 'Meetings Held in Public' (like all HC meetings by the way). The Public do NOT have the right to speak unless invited to by the Chair. Lets not forget the fact that the Chair of any CC has the decision to allow any subject to be discussed - or not - as may be the case. That includes any subjects or proposals that members request to be raised.

Maybe when the NRCC gets active again the format may be tighter rather than the relaxed processes they apparently have had. Before anyone suggests otherwise I am not a member of the NRCC but nor am I a supplicant of a recent resignee as some Public Researchers In Community Knowledge So obviously are.

Paul said...

You cannot fail to be amused by these comments on social media. Although I am not a user of this particular method of communication, I thought I would have a look at it, at your invitation.
It seems the contributors are very familiar with NRCC "goings on". Do they regularly attend the meetings? If so, why? Certainly not, it seems, to offer any positive critisism.
They should also get their facts correct before writing this rubbish. No wonder NRCC closed their facebook page, monitoring this sort of drivel would be a full time job.
If they were of a mind to put their time to better use, they could join the Community Council and experience what it is like to deal with HC and the four councillors first hand!

Anonymous said...

The comments on social media are ridiculous at times, The people who have opposing opinions say little for the fear of the reaction they’d get....... not good for nairn

James D said...

For a proper proposal to have been just ignored is a disgrace. The wrong person has stood down plus 4 members of Nairn Riverside Community Council have since left which says theres something wrong. Time for new blood or a single council.