Friday, February 22, 2019

Nairn River Community Council told it has to shut down by Highland Council

The Gurn understands that Nairn River CC have been told by a local council official that they must go into "abeyance" following the resignation of former Secretary, Simon Noble, on Wednesday night. This raises a technical constitutional issue leading to the instruction for the shut down due to minimum numbers rule ( 50% of max membership must be elected not co-opted) . Our correspondent fails to understand why Highland Council are not allowing interim elections in the meantime to as there have been problems elsewhere in the Highlands keeping Community Councils going and new rules are proposed for later this year that would allow co-opted members to be counted. 

A source close to River CC tells us that there is a school of thought among members that this instruction must be seen in the light of what have been perceived as attacks in the press on the town's community councils by local Highland Council members in recent weeks. 

Our correspondent tells us that they believe Highland Council has other options (including interim elections) and that this shut down move is "extreme" at a time when the CCs and Highland Council seemed to be moving towards a new agreement on how to remedy the "toxic" relationship between Glenurquhart Road and the town.


Anonymous said...

I understand that members of Nairn River Community Council have been squabbling amongst themselves for ages, like spoilt bairns who cant get their own way & go into a mighty huff, with lots of tantrums, at their age you would think by now they would know how to at least behave, the attitude of some River Community Council members leaves a lot to be desired, in life sometimes you cant always get what you want & take it on the chin, but oh no to some members all hell brake loose, time for some to go for anger management !!

G S Guthrie said...

Yes, there was indeed one member like that, but thankfully he has recently resigned. The NRCC meetings I have went along to have always been very interesting and entertaining, "the best show in town".
People have to realise that the actions of one dissenting member do not reflect the responsible nature of the others. Most of the members have worked very hard on local issues over the last year or so. Folk in Nairn have never been so aware of just how much they are being shafted by Highland Council and the four councillors. So let's support them and help to get the NRCC reinstated.


MURD Dunbar

As a member of the public who as often turned to R.C.C and Surbam. For there support in trying to get what I think would be of benefit to both community’s.
Yes at meetings I got what I thought was there support for getting things for the comity.
For example RAMP AT FIRHALL--SAFEFTY on the station brae. BUS stop at the hospital.
The brining back into use the building on king street. SAFER access from George street on to the railway platform for all users which will removes the dander of using the steps on to Balblair road all of which I await for ant of the C.C TO TAKE ON BOARD.
What has ben achieved by my persistence and no help from any of the C.C. BUS STOP WHINNIEKNOW and the promise of the access from George Street. it would be nice to know what they have achieved. Apart from trying to prevent the much needed

Anonymous said...

JM asked: Could i kindly ask G S Guthrie why six other past NRCC council members resigned? I would be very much obliged if he can possibly give me the answer, if at all possible, it would be very much appreciated. After reading the Simon Noble resignation letter on social media, it seems clear that the same rules dont apply to the two councillors who had their letters published recently in the local press.

G S Guthrie said...

Anonymous at 6:03PM

To be frank - it is impossible for the current NRCC to have had six resignations from the original 12 members that stood in 2015. If you have bothered to follow these proceedings as I have you would know that, since the 2015 election, two CC members, unfortunately, have passed away, one left due to pressure of work at a new employment; one as he had a difference of opinion with a HC member (who was in the wrong and could not substantiate her position), a further member left to pursue other interests and left without acrimony and finally I have no idea why the last one left as no reason was given.

As to the letters in 'The Nairnshire Telegraph', the original letter was an attack on the CC by a recently co-opted member who commented on something that he was not party to as he was not then a member. This was clearly a breach in protocol The more recent letter is in defence of the CC. At no time was any HC member bullied by the CC - yes there was robust discussion, as there should in this type of forum. However I will say HC members have been put under pressure by MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC at these meetings, generally due to the poor responses to questions put to the HC members. According to my sources on the CC there was criticism at the way the CC dealt with first letter so the second letter was dealt with in private. A vote was taken, the result of which was not to discuss the issue in the public forum, unfortunately one member decided he could not adhere to the democratic decision..... and resigned.