Thursday, February 04, 2021

Andy Wightman an MSP representing Nairn? An ideal second vote choice?

Lands Rights campaigner Andy Wightman is moving to the Highlands and he is canvassing views online as to whether he should stand here for the Holyrood election.

Here at the Gurn we say please do Andy and thank you once again for your support during the Ship to Ship oil transfers campaign and also for you ongoing interest in our Common Good Land situation. He may not be the ideal cup of tea for some Gurnshire voters but we would urge all those that would agree with our sentiments to consider contacting him to encourage him to stand. On the Highland list he should be able to succeed in becoming our representative .

Image: May 2017 and Andy Wightman speaks to Cllrs Liz MacDonald and Michael Green outside Holyrood before the Ship to Ship oil transfers in the Moray Firth debate.

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