Friday, February 12, 2021

Nairn River Community Council meeting on Wednesday night - still problems but the best one for a while as the stooshie level drops dramatically

On Wednesday night at their online meeting NRCC agreed on an honorarium of £375 to the previous secretary. They also agreed on a submission to the consultation on the Sandown Common Good Land sale (with some abstentions, notably Vice Chair Peter Gibson and Secretary Simon Noble). The document they are submitting was not available for public viewing but it would be surprising if they did not share some of the concerns of their counterparts at Nairn West and Suburban. They also agreed to give a donation of £750 to the cost of the Nairn Academy Duke of Edinburgh awards team buying a paratrekker. 

That was the first half of the meeting and the Zoom session shut down after 40 minutes and was restarted. Unfortunately this observer had a prior engagement and could not attend the second half of the meeting. 

Correspondence we have seen indicates that things didn't go too perfectly in the second half and a number of items did not reach a satisfactory conclusion. One Community Councillor has even called for  the meeting to be  declared void and no decisions of the night's meeting to be carried forward because of procedural issues.

Stooshie level assessment on a scale 1-10 - 2.5?