Friday, January 07, 2022

Campervan waste disposal planning application for the Maggot - an objection: "In short the waste disposal site should not be located at the jewel destination - any Nairn beach car park"

One of our regular readers, Richard Geering, has sent us a copy of his objection to the proposed Campervan Waste Disposal application for a site by the Maggot car park.

"I raise objection on the following grounds:


The proposed site is adjacent to the River Nairn, Nairn Harbour and approximately 500m from two wonderful 'blue flag' beaches (Central and East). The location put forward in the application is beside an existing Caravan Park business where there is a restaurant and an indoor swimming pool, as well as many other facilities for visitors to the area.

The Placemaking Priorities identified in a recent report to the Nairnshire Committee includes the following relevant priorities:

Further regenerate and enhance the harbour as a leisure and tourist destination and create better connections with the town centre.
Concerted effort to maintain, and improve wherever possible, the water quality of the beaches in Nairn
An area vulnerable to flooding in Nairn has been identified by SEPA and it is recognised that sea levels are rising. Installing a permanent waste disposal facility for controlled waste that is potentially going to be inundated by flooding needs to be avoided in line with a robust precautionary approach.


Scottish Water make it very clear in their guidance that it is best to consider sites that are within the area served by the public sewer network, but some distance from the local Waste Water Treatment Works. Without sufficient dilution, some of the chemicals present in black water can harm good bacteria that form part of the treatment process. Scottish Water states if the site is close to the WWTW, the black water might not be diluted enough when it reaches the works. This could affect the ability of the WWTW to treat waste water to the required standard before effluent is returned to rivers or the sea.

The location of the proposed campervan waste disposal hut, and associated works, is very close to the WWTW and therefore adequate dilution will not be ensured for the required effluent standard from the WWTW."


Anonymous said...

The objection has been well thought out and presented. I agree about chemical toilet waste and close proximity to the sea being an issue of concern. Having lived near one such facility, I regularly found dead fish in the little burn the ran close to the disposal point. Chemical toilets are just that, chemical. Poisonous in other words. I like the idea of encouraging tourism and motorhomes, camper vans and similar. But the facilities for their waste (rubbish as well as toilet waste), is becoming a blot on our very beautiful countryside. Have a bus ride north on the A9 and view the mess in and around every single parking lay-by. People can be selfish, some can be wonderful and do their best to protect this magnificent country. Keep the chemical waste away from the beaches though, please.

Anonymous said...

Location/Proximity to WWTW?

Seems odd guidance by Scottish Water given the location of the motorhome/touring caravan facility at Parkdean, you couldn't
Get closer to the Waste Water Treatment works if you tried.

What a nonsence!

Anonymous said...

Prefer it at the maggot than the links. If we put it out of town it defeats the object