Thursday, January 06, 2022

Sandown Common Good sale consulation and other Common Good issues - Emma Roddick MSP has been in touch with the Scottish Government after representations from constituents and Community Councils

A spokesperson from the MSP's office told the Gurn: "Emma has been in touch with the Scottish Government about this after representations from constituents and community councils, who view the current system where management and governance of these assets is vested in the relevant council members as "custodians" on behalf of the beneficiaries creates a conflict of interest between a councillor's duty to the wider population of the council, and their duty to the beneficiaries of the Common Good. They believe this conflict could be ameliorated by formalising and enforcing the practice of councillors taking advice from representatives of the beneficiaries, except in exceptional situations, such as those where fraud or negligence is suspected. These representatives would normally be local community councils due to their status as official and regularly elected bodies for making known the wishes of local residents to local councils.

Emma has asked for details on any changes the Scottish Government plan to introduce to the management of Common Good lands."