Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Nairn West and Suburban Community Council object to Camper Van Waste Disposal site on the Maggot but want it at Harbour Street toilets - and also want those toilets opened again

From the NWSCC objection document:

"Conclusion and recommendation
We strongly support policy and actions aimed at improving the facilities for motorhome visitors. But we are convinced that this requires joined-up thinking and planning, not a one-off proposal. To sum up: installing a chemical waste disposal point at the Maggot and designating motorhome spaces there has no legal basis, no practical justification, is short-sighted planning, could have adverse environmental impacts and would not be cost-effective. It is the wrong project, in the wrong place. For these reasons, as outlined above, NW&SCC strongly objects to the planning application.Our objection is reinforced by our view that there is a more sensible alternative which would be better value, more practical, and would serve a wider user-base. We believe that the more positive and appropriate option would be to modify, upgrade and enhance the existing toilet block adjacent to the harbour to include a chemical waste disposal unit. We therefore recommend that the present application be withdrawn and this alternative be rapidly and positively pursued instead"

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Joe Telfer said...

I would agree that the Harbour street toilets be brought into commission again for the local population as well as tourists. Any chemical toilet disposal unit, would have to ensure that it was impossible to get into the river or beaches... even with exceptional rainfall and adverse tidal conditions.