Saturday, January 22, 2005

Child-free colony grows

Brodie Castle reports daffodils and rhododendrons coming out far too soon as well, perhaps tonight’s hard frost and possible snow tomorrow will give them more sensible ideas.
The child-free colony at Firhall has spread out a little more, looks like a couple of houses are going up each week now. You meet the new residents all the time on your walks around the river. They tend to offer more reserved greetings than locals but hopefully they will adopt a bit of the local crac.
All has returned to normal tonight, it is cold, Nairn County Football Club lost again and the High Street came to life as everyone headed downtown for takeaways from an ever-increasing choice of ethnic cuisine. Overhead in the riverside darkness a Heron makes its unmistakeable screeching noise, simply because it is a Heron and Herons love that sort of thing.

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