Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Local soccer player takes a break

Gary Ewing is to take a break from soccer to spend more time with his girlfriend in London. County fans will wish him all the best, he has been part of the backbone of the team in good times and bad and he will be missed. It's a shame there aren't more local loons in the team and that's one less now. Let's hope he returns to play for the Wee County in the future.

Full story on Ging's site


Nairn said...

Thought it was just those folk at the end of a political career who made the move to spend more time with their families. Glad to see he has taken an early bath even though his profession suggests he kicks balls rather than talks them!

Graisg said...

The loon's career is far from over however, he can still kick it - but can the rest of them left behind at Station Park. A few more freezing brass monkey saturdays and we'll know!