Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Lost your sofa?

Anyone woke up to find their sofa is gone? There is a big bright red sofa sitting in the middle of the river just upstream of the A96 bridge (the only bridge a car can go across to be more precise), this is your last chance to get it back as the river is rising fast today and your sofa will soon be away to start a new career on the old bar.

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Nairn said...

Sofa so good
Some towns and villages promote adults throwing large objects in their rivers under the charity flag of a raft race. It is possible that the sofa now residing under the bridge is a prototype for just such an event? Mind you there is one Nairn councillor who will be seeing a colour not unlike the sofa (red) should he get to hear of this and will be demanding teams of workmen to remove the object. I say this after his outrage when a twig (OK small tree) became stuck under the sewer bridge and apparently was scaring away the visitors and tourists. I can see it now, the A96 bumper to bumper with cars leaving Nairn when folks see… the red sofa in the river, aargh!