Monday, January 24, 2005

Supermarket rumours number 99

A friend with an ear to the ground tells me that with the proposed brand new community at the McDermott's site being a 'goer' that puts the Sandown Lands back in the frame for a supermarket as that would give this brand new community less distance to travel for their weekly needs. You heard it here first and it could be just as silly as anything else you hear.
I'll vote for a Co-op then or at least a little bit of Lidl.

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Nairn said...

An ear to the sea confirms that on an incoming tide boat owners at the new marina development at McDermotts will find it quicker to shop using their vessel to sail them to Inverness rather than join the queue of 'spend,spend' road traffic! With the development already having an 'exclusive' tag I would have thought that a new road to Dalcross would be in the offing so that all the Harrod's hampers can be transported from the airport to the new luxury compartments. My bet is that in time we will see Mr Al Fayed building on Sandown!
Knightsbridge,Nairn... wae needs a co-opie?