Monday, January 17, 2005

Co-op very busy

Well the shelves are emptying fast of bread, milk and a few other things in the C0-0p as a few folk have been caught out by Morrisons shutting and changing into Somerfield (hopefully somebody will remember to take down the Safeway logo). Anyway it stays closed until Wednesday when we'll see what is on offer.
An urban myth has sprung up that Lidl are coming to town - now that would be good news if that fantasy were to materialise. What chocolate they sell - just delicious.

The months slip by and now in 2005 the town centre redevelopment still has to get off the ground. Will it ever happen?


Nairn said...

What a shame that some folk just drift to oor co-opie when the 'main' supermarket is closed. The Co-op Society is just that, a co-op. It supports charities, fair trade, non-GM food & farming. I am sure to most people it just seems a crap supermarket compared to Tescos but if you are going to spend money on food at least look at who's pockets you are lining.
The 'street' in Nairn is fast becoming the shopping centre of the elderly, those without cars, others just shopping for a few items, rather than being the main shopping outlet for our community. There are only so many charity shops we can support (eBay?); beyond that will we see shops being turned into flats (as at the harbour). Nairn is fast becoming the place to commute from, not only for work but also for consumer spending. Those left behind will find a poor selection of shops, for the future surely is Inverness or stay at home and order from the Internet?

Graisg said...

These are changes that are propelled by market forces and any efforts to stop it are just small voices in the wind, unheard and unheeded. I may be that one day if we are going to be able to buy any decent food in small communities we will have to follow once again the guiding principle that set up the co-op. But there is hope for us all as long as Ashers keeps selling those seductive custard slices!