Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Viewfield battle on the Horizon?

Viewfield battle on the horizon.?

This could be the issue that dominates the year. Plans to put a supermarket on the police station site and the sports club area are to be discussed with the council, some of the grassed area on that side would be lost too. As compensation, the bus station and the café would be raised to the ground and landscaped, creating a ‘gateway’ to the park.
Things are complicated by existing plans to put the community centre on the police station site.
There is a massive body of opinion that wants Viewfield left alone and you will remember the 500 plus letters of objection to a previous proposal for a community centre on the grassed area. It remains to be seen if there is a similar body of opinion in Nairn that will get behind the proposal. Witness the daily exodus along the A96 to both Forres and Inverness to the delights of Tesco, familiar Nairn faces are seen in both places.
Local councillors could find themselves caught between two opposing factions but the Viewfield campaigners are numerous and well-organised.

Early signs of spring

Snowdrops and crocuses have made an early exit from the ground and a rhododendron was in full bloom in the Auldearn area, in some places daffodils are several inches out of the ground and displaying the as-yet unopened flower-heads. But today comes a cold spell and snow lying on the ground in the town centre.

Pedestrian crossings

This correspondent is worried that someone will get seriously injured or even killed at the pedestrian crossings on the A96. For reasons better known to themselves a number of drivers don’t stop when the lights are red. I have witnessed this several times and others report the same. Surely it is time they were prosecuted. Could it be done with the help of the CCTV? Another concern is the number of people you still see using mobile phones whilst driving through town on this busy trunk road. How inconsiderate can you get?
I hope these reckless motorists never have someone’s death on their conscience.

The riverside paths in a deplorable state.

We had a big fanfare in the summer when the paths were done up with the help of some ‘expert’ or other. Well the publicity came and went and now the paths are as bad as they ever were in places. Big muddy puddles obstruct many of the sections and in places it is now impassable without sturdy footwear. Could something be done?

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