Thursday, May 22, 2008

$135 a barrel - the end of the tourist season for Nairn?

Nairn resplendent in the sunshine but with the rising cost of fuel will the tourists come this year? On another front no word of Somerfield putting in a planning application for a new supermarket, maybe the cost of fuel is making their business less profitable too, will they consider building flats instead and pull out of Nairn completely? Are we all simply starting to pay the real price for slowly destroying our planet?
All quiet on the dog poo front too but you still have to watch that you don't step in it but it does look like the recent publicity has had an effect.


Nairn said...

Have heard that someone who reported dog poo outside their house to TEC services at Nairn is still waiting 5 days later for any sign of action on their part.
Maybe we need more posters bins etc?

Graisg said...

Maybe some of our journalist readers could 'pick-up' on that one iright and give the tec services a phone to see if they bother collecting unwanted doggie jobbies?
If you see any poo send the Gurn a pic.