Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Supporting the Sainsbury's planning application - possible change of venue? Yes there is!

Update 28 05 08

The Gurn has received confirmation from a second source that the meeting venue and time have changed.  It is at the Courthouse on the 3rd June at 1015 - 15 minutes earlier than was scheduled at the former location (the Community Centre).

We leave in the remainder of this post for your interest.

The Gurn has received a message that there has been a change of venue for the planning meeting.
We are trying to confirm this as the poster is unknown to us.  
Previous post and details here. It is taking place fifteen minutes earlier and at the Courthouse according to the mystery poster. Anyway please turn up if you support the project and would like more choice for Nairn consumers and are fed up with having to drive to Inverness or Forres or even Elgin to get it. Turn up too if you would like to see more jobs in Nairn. Yes, not everyone wants to work in a supermarket but at least those that do would have the chance of doing that in Nairn instead of travelling elsewhere as well.

meeting might now be at THE COURTHOUSE, Nairn at 10.15am on Tuesday 3 June

instead of the  Community Centre at 10.30am

If this is the case might it not be a bit tight in there if even just a few dozen of the hundreds of supporters of this project turn up, wouldn't the Community Centre hold more people?   We'll get back to you confrim this news as soon as possible.

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Graisg said...

This in from Bill, sure it is for this post but went elsewhere.

Bill said...

I'm afraid that as that happens to be my birthday I shall have other things on my mind than attending a planning meeting wherever/whenever it is to be held that day ... good luck though! :)