Saturday, May 10, 2008

Graham Marsden - a value for money councillor - fighting the litter problem on the seafront

Graham Marsden is proving to be a very useful councillor in the opinion of the Gurn and last night he was spotted by one of our regular correspondents down on the Links. The Councillor was picking up litter - well done Graham, perhaps a few of the well paid suits could be enticed out of their offices to do a bit of the same to help the council catch up with the backlog of trash that is building up in areas of the seafront that are heavily used in the Summer. The area of the beach just opposite from the Links car park looked very infested with litter this morning. Yesterday afternoon another correspondent spent some time in the dunes on the West Beach picking up the mess that, perhaps, a family group had left behind. Disposable BarBQ, disposable plates, disposable everything and all disposed of in an area of outstanding natural beauty. Nairn welcomes the disposable society? Time for some full time litter police or at least a few more councillors and officials prepared to follow the example of Graham Marsden?

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