Friday, May 30, 2008

The stark choice facing Nairn's councillors next Tuesday morning at 10am

Our councillors will have to decide if they wish to back their own planners' view of life on Earth or the demand from the majority of Nairn consumers who back the Sainsbury's project. 
The Press and Journal report on the story today, picking up on the change of venue etc. They quote the thoughts of the Highland Council Planners: 

"They say the proposal breaches the guidelines because it would “introduce a retail development in an out-of-centre location, of a scale unrelated to Nairn’s status as a local centre in the retail hierarchy” and with “the potential to have an adverse impact on the vitality and viability of Nairn town centre”.

Almost needs a translation doesn't it? The Gurn has thought for a long time that Nairn High Street has been suffering from the Golden Mile and other developments in Inverness. If folk had Sainsbury's in Nairn the Gurn thinks they would have more time on their hands to visit the High Street as well instead of having to drive 10, 16 or even 22 miles to have the choice that many other towns take for granted.  

The Press and Journal article goes on to say:

"While the names of 30 objectors – largely existing businesses – are listed in council papers sent to committee members, there is no mention of the 160 people who registered their support for Pettifer Estates’ proposals in a recent survey commissioned by the developer."

Should those existing businesses be allowed to dictate the future of the thousands of us that would like more choice in the food we wish to put on our tables? It is understandable that some traders might fear for the future but who doesn't these days? If Nairn consumers don't get more choice in Nairn they will continue the daily exodus in search of something to buy.

Again the choice for our councillors could again be summed up in the words of Mary Scanlon MSP who is quoted in another paper today (Inverness Courier):

"It is time planners and the councillors started listening to the local consumers who are desperate for some choice."

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Nairn said...

Easy contest - planners win! You must be thinking that we live in a democracy or something? I right!