Saturday, May 31, 2008

Why Iright supports the Sainsbury's proposal: Maybe those who oppose it could seek funding for fake Victorian lampposts to illuminate the empty shops?

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Anyway Iright submitted a comment, in the Gurn's opinion it merits being a post itself. If you have an opinion or news on the Planning proposal (for or against) then please contact the Gurn via the e-mail address in the banner above or via the comments: please remember that we are a media outlet like any other and thus have to play the game by certain rules so please nothing libelous or offensive, thanks.

Here's Iright's take on the situation

The world has changed
I am sure that if asked, the overwhelming majority of folk in Nairn would say yes to a new large supermarket.
The lobby that are against a new store on the edge of town are the minority. Like many high streets in the UK Nairn’s is in decline. For Nairn shopkeepers to think that a new supermarket development in the town itself (Somerfields?) will maintain and even boost their businesses is head in the sand mentality, councillors who support this view are just sharing this short sighted bucket?
We are no longer a nation of shopkeepers but a nation of shoppers, shopping is a leisure pursuit. We want choice, we want keen prices, and if it takes a trip to Inverness or the Internet that is where we will go. Further to that the store is dead, witness Currys closing branches, and other companies will surely follow soon?
We are a nation who loves our cars and for the moment Nairn is one of the few towns to enjoy free parking. If nothing else green pressure is going to take that away, never mind an out of town supermarket, parking meters will really hit the high street business.
I like many would like to see Sainsbury’s build an out of town store. Busses and taxis could easily transport folk without cars, fitter members of the community could always walk there!
I for one would continue to support and shop in the high street, and it might be with rising fuel costs that the town would enjoy a boost if there were a descent supermarket that didn’t involve a journey to another town?
My dream would be for Nairn to have its own near daily local food market but until that happens I am behind the new store proposal
Maybe those who oppose it could seek funding for fake Victorian lampposts to illuminate the empty shops?

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