Monday, May 26, 2008

Eleanor Scott discovers the plot!

It would have been great if we'd had a bit more of this a couple of years ago but better late than never and this is an issue that has been bubbling away in many communities along the A96 for some time.

'The Green Party has urged Highland Council to scrap its masterplan for developing the Inverness-Nairn stretch of the trunk route and instead focus on growing existing communities.

It has written to the local authority seeking justification for wanting to attract an additional 30,000 people to the area, and for the council to publish any studies carried out to properly gauge the impact such a huge population influx would have outwith the Highland capital.

Party spokeswoman Eleanor Scott told the Press and Journal: “It is focusing too much development and increase in population in the Inverness area when other parts of the Highlands could really benefit from the investment.'

More here on the Press and Journal site.
How will the Green Party's support for 32 houses at Kilnhill Wood, Lochloy help the focus on existing communities however? Isn't it just a new developement along the corridor? Here's how the Gurn saw that issue. No more new developments unless they are for well off Greenies who want to move out of town?
At the time Eleanor Scott said "We believe that this has the potential to be an innovative scheme which would give people the chance to live and work in a woodland setting.'

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