Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Firhall bridge leak and other matters

At last night’s River Coummunity Council meeting Highland Councillor Graham Marsden was once again on hand to answer questions from the Community Council and the general public. He had some interesting information concerning the Firhall Bridge water pipe leak. It has emerged from his discussions with Scottish Water that they are of the opinion that the leak only amounts to one or two pints a day. (a conservative estimate to say the least?) and soon they will be breaking some of the concrete coverings to locate the leak, this of course would have an impact on people crossing the bridge during the work.. One member of the Community Council expressed his fears that if anything were seriously wrong with the bridge then he doubted whether funds would be available to repair it considering the recent history of the Bailey Bridge. Let’s hope it’s nothing too serious because if the Firhall Bridge had to be closed it would certainly ruin many folks’ daily round trip of the river.

On the subject of a by-pass, there was some debate about the coming traffic survey on the A96 through town and in a nutshell Cllr Marsden then indicated that it was perhaps time for the entire community in Nairn to take a more proactive part in a campaign for a by-pass. The Gurn thinks he’s right, some of us keep complaining to our councillors and MSP’s etc but it might indeed be easier for them to convince those with their hands on the purse strings if there was more physical evidence of the will for a by-pass such as car and window stickers, maybe even protest signs in the fields leading into town? People would have plenty of time to look at them as they sit in the jams, then drivers from elsewhere that are delayed in Nairn could agitate with their representatives too when they eventually got home.

As usual there was wide ranging debate on many subjects, ranging from parking difficulties in the Fishertown to the cleanliness of the High Street and even how the current position of the Nairn Business Association might cause tension with Nairn consumers, and of course there was the chance to ask a Highland Councillor, Graham Marsden, any question you like. If you have got something that you would like sorted out and seem to be getting nowhere with it, why don’t you go along to the next meeting of your local community council, usually there is a member of the local press there too and you will have a chance to put forward your views to a democratic forum that may be able to help you.

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jayteescot1 said...

I thnk all our Representatives / councillors should make a Nairn By-pass the top of their agenda.

I dont know how many vehicles use the A96 daily, but i would imagine the savings in greenhouse gases, time and frustration would be considerable if we had a By-pass.

The need for a vehicle bearing Bailey bridge would disappear, and the ability to get out of harbour street and around the Town would be a pleasure, if Nairn was By-passed.

The people of Nairn are great at gurning amongst themselves, but it rarely goes farther.
I think Cllr Marsden and the Gurn are right about getting a proactive campaign under way....Lets make Nairn a gem of a resort and get Started !