Sunday, June 08, 2008

Iright tries hard to get a haircut.

Our co-conspirator writes again for the Gurn:

'A heady mixture of warm summer weather and my long locks flowing down my neck made me seek out rescue via a Nairn barber this afternoon. But alas in a pre out of town supermarket mode all such shops with the red and white poles outside were closed, what is happening? Saturday used to be ‘the’ day for a trim, something for the weekend, and a tip for the three o’clock horse somewhere.I am not a victim of fashion so haircuts tend to be far and few between for me. I actually like the process and just like being on a plane during take off find it very relaxing. This does not make the process easy for the hairdresser, as I tend to be drifting off when s/he says ‘and where are you going on your holidays this year?’Maybe the current vogue for men to have short hair means that I am the only male in Nairn without a pair of clippers to enable a DIY haircut and it is just too long since I tried to get my hair shorn in Nairn?I did try a couple of ‘women’s’ salons but it seems you need to make an appointment months in advance even though you are not wanting the blue rinse, drier, dye, conditioner, nails, wet cut thing. Maybe I will just go native!?'

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