Saturday, June 07, 2008

A Thank-You to the Residents of Nairn form Sainsbury's and Pettifer Estates

The Gurn can publish the text of a thank you message from Sainsbury's and Pettifer Estates to the residents of Nairn.

"Many thanks to the residents of Nairn who took the time to attend the Planning Committee meeting which approved the plans for Sainsbury’s and adjacent units.

As we said at the meeting we will take account of the views expressed and consult widely on the details of the scheme.

It is our intention to have the development open as soon as possible and will keep you informed as to progress.

Once again thank you Nairn!"

Andrew Stanley Jeff Wilson

Regional Director Town Planning Manager

Pettifer Estates Sainsbury’s


Graisg said...

Comment from Rab o'Ruglen (sorry rab we had to edit a little but I don't think too much damage has been done to your piece)

It is not only Nairn that has had trouble getting adequate supermarket coverage.

Some years ago I lived in the South Side of Glasgow, which you might have thought was pretty well festooned with various kinds of supermarkets, but you would have been wrong.

The choices were somewhat limited. There was a supermarket in Rutherglen (Safeway), in Shawlands (Safeway), in Muirend (Safeway), Giffnock (Safeway), Burnside (Safeway). Further away there was a small Asda in Cambuslang ( now closed) and a Gateway in Victoria Road in Queen's Park ( it is now a Somerfield). Oh and there was a supermarket in the Pollock Centre which started off as a Presto but which I think might have eventually become another Safeway. The main store in the Newton Mearns centre was of course a Safeway, although there is now a M&S as well.

There was therefore much rejoicing in the Rab o'Ruglen household when it was announced that approval had been granted for a superstore in Pollokshaws. That is until it was announced that it too was to be (wait for it) a Safeway.

It had become so bad that we frequently travelled to East Kilbride or Springburn (in the north of the city) to access a supermarket that was not Safeway. Since then things have moderated a little in that Asda have opened a store in Toryglen and Tesco have one in this Royal and Ancient Burgh of Rutherglen. Aldi and Lidl have also now made a welcome appearance on the scene.

But how on earth could one company have been allowed to sew up virtually all the food retail sites in the whole of the South Side of Glasgow for so many years? I for one am completely stumped - are you? It was probably just coincidence that it happended that way!

Anyway, congrats Nairn on securing a new Supermarket at last, make them compete.

P.S. The main supermarket in Inverness wasn't a Safeway was it?

Graisg said...

Inverness is sometimes called Tesco Town Rab, I think that says it all.