Monday, June 02, 2008

A reader forwards his letter to councillors to the Gurn

There are plenty of other articles and news items on the Sainsbury's planning application in the posts below this one.
Here's a copy of a letter sent to our four councillors by a citizen who wants to see Sainsbury's coming to Nairn:

'Whats your view on the proposed Sainsburys supermarket in Nairn ? ...I would like to know.
I believe it's time we had more choice in Nairn and should be taken out of the dark ages as far as shopping is concerned.
I no longer have a car and would like the option of getting some good choice, as people do in Forres Elgin and Inverness.
The local shopkeepers who fear a supermarket are misguided and short sighted, because keeping locals shopping in Nairn is the key to preserving their trade.
If the ever growing population of Nairn keep driving to Forres Elgin and Inverness, that is what will do away with the small shops ! is also bad for the environment, as well as people's petrol bills !'

One of the Courthouse's silent sentinels awaits tommorrow morning's meeting - one of the most important in Nairn for many years?

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