Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Somerfield 'Just pushing to the last minute every single time' says Liz

Last night's Suburban Community Council meeting up at the Academy was, as usual, a lively event with many articulate comments coming from concerned residents on local planning matters. Subjects discussed were the Sandown Lands, the A96, the Cawdor developments, the Pettifer Development and the Somerfield Development Plans. The Gurn noted that there was considerable scepticism that the Somerfield development might never see the light of day. Provost Liz MacDonald was in attendance and she helped clarify the actual situation on the Somerfield application as it stands. Her remarks are indeed a good summary of the situation. She said, ' From the time that they signed the missive they had six months to get in their outline planning application and they got it in just in the last week and then they had 30 working days to put in their full planning permission, which they missed, they had to get 10 days notice from the council and they got it in. They're pushing it to the last date necessary. From the date that they got their full planning permission they then have six months to start knocking down the derelict buildings and clearing the site for the car park. So they are just pushing it to the last minute every single time.'
That's how it is then, The Gurn suggests that if Somerfield prevaricate any more the community should tell them 'to go and raffle themselves' (to the highest bidder if they like) and throw our lot in 100% with Sainsbury's and ease the path to the construction of their store in any way that we can.

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