Sunday, June 29, 2008

Hill 99

Iright goes to the Culbin and reports for the Gurn
I'm not always a fan of structures being built in remote places and have even been known to utter 'who on earth gave that planning permission' as I pass a monstrosity built in the middle of a wild idyll, but the observation tower built on Hill 99 in the Culbin forest meets with my approval. The tower lets you climb above the tree canopy and allows for splendid views across Moray, Nairnshire, and north across the firth. I have to confess that I sometimes find some forestry walks boring after the first few hundred pine trees but Hill 99 gives the walk a definite purpose with a goal at the end. The walk itself is two hours in length and to add interest to the acres of lichen and trees the path snakes it's way in an indirect line (Personally I would have been quite happy with a straight Roman like road!)
The platform itself is not visible from the forest until you are almost upon it. It is built from steel, wood, and old car tyres and as you climb you quickly realise the amount of shelter which the trees give at ground level. Worth the journey to experience the views. For further details see

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