Sunday, October 26, 2008

Waiting, waiting, waiting...

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Ayeright Limbos up about this situation:

Nairn should change its name to Limbo (Twinned with No Bypass). Any new visitor to Nairn is now met within the space of a few hundred yards an empty church, an abandoned bar/cinema, an empty bus station, petrol station, and community centre. Soon they will see an empty police station, and who knows what will become of Somerfields?. Is this really a way of attracting folk to visit Nairn? It is hardly welcoming or inviting. With so much up in the air with regard the Sainsburys application this vista is unlikely to change for many, many years. In Inverness faced with a shortage of land they built upwards witness Eastgate one and two. Could we not see the same in Nairn with the bus station area being used as well as the Somerfields/old community centre land to create our own mulit story solution? It would probably look hideous but could anything be worse than the empty buildings we have now? Even if the council had the gumption to purchase empty properties, flatten them and plant some grass it would be ten times better than what we are left with. The recession is likely to put many plans for new supermarkets on hold and I suspect that Nairn might well suffer. Meanwhile how about some constructive thinking to make the centre of out town as seen from the A96 less ghost like?


Anonymous said...

you dont make a very Regal entrance
when you pass through the town of

Anonymous said...

I see some big hosees going up in some strange places.
I know of people who enquired to buy some of these empty properties whilst the for sale signs were still up and told they were sold.
What have the powers that be got planed for us?