Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Hamish remembers another regular sea bather

Here's our correspondent Hamish:
I've read Graeme's article and his reference to the swimmer and it being a freezing cold day when he took the photograph called to mind a Nairn man who swam in the sea every day of the year regardless of weather or sea conditions. This man's name was Cope - John I think - and he lived in Cumming Street. He had a draper's shop in the High Street which was almost opposite Douglas Street. I'd say he was middle aged and possibly past that stage in life in the thirties but I could be quite wrong in that to me, a young teenager, a person approaching a fortieth birthday was "old". I've seen him leave his home wearing no more than a bathing costume, a pair of sand shoes and a light raincoat. He would walk down to the beach, wade into the sea, submerge himself two or three times - never did see him swim - and then return to his house.
Hamish is wondering if anyone can else has info on John Cope, did his regular dips help him live to a ripe old age for example? Any other Gurnites with memories of Mr Cope?

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