Thursday, October 16, 2008

Regards from Tomnarroch Farm in New Zealand.

Min Walker writes to the Gurn:

I enjoy your site, wish there was names to some of the faces. I have been away a long time.
Hamish memories about the shops stirred a few of my own:
Hot orange at Morgantis
Fish and chips at Berties at the top of Harbour Street
Sweeties from McColls
Fletchers butteries and wedding cakes
Also rope swings on the trees in the valleys at the Links.
A miniscule of my memories.
Do any of your bloggers remember the Childrens Pantomimes in the 1950s organised by
Chris Lobban?
Regards from Tomnarroch Farm in New Zealand.

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Anonymous said...

I remember watching Chris Lobban's last panto at the community centre (the one which recently closed)in the early 1970s.
They brought a great deal of pleasure to many people not least the kids who took part.
They were always very colourful and professional productions.