Sunday, October 05, 2008

Kilnhill eco-village plan falls through

The Sunday Herald is reporting the demise of the so called 'eco' village on Forestery Commission land near Nairn. The Gurn had previously spoken out against this project and its high profile Scottish Green Party backer.
The Herald article states:
Although the proposal was backed by the Scottish Green Party, it was condemned as the "murder" of a woodland and its wildlife by conservation groups. An ecological study found that the wood supported red squirrels, otters, pine martens, bats and badgers.
To make room for the houses, the commission was planning to cut down up to 70% of the trees in the building zones and 30-40% in surrounding areas. Kilnhill, which includes native species such as Scots pine and juniper, is listed on the UK ancient woodland inventory and dates back at least 400 years.
Along with the 32 houses, the plan also included eight holiday chalets and other associated facilities. But opponents argued that encouraging holidaymakers to fly up to Aberdeen to stay in the woods was not very environmentally friendly.'
Eleanor Scott isn't giving up though:
'The former Green MSP, Eleanor Scott, who is standing as a candidate for co-convenor of the Scottish Green Party, argued that there was a need for sustainable housing around Nairn. "The Forestry Commission must now make more changes to the scheme which could help build support," she said.'
If we are to save the Nairnshire environment from the Scottish Green Party we'd better keep our eye on the planning ball. You'll get the full article here.

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