Saturday, June 02, 2012

Could the golfers attract some away from Sunday's Viewfield Celebrations?

The Nairn Golf Club are proudly announcing on their facebook page:

"The GB & I team arrives in Nairn tomorrow for next week's #CurtisCup.
 Let's give them a wam welcome at the station!
 Sunday 3 June at 2.51pm, Nairn Train station. Hope to see many of you there!"


Just Askin said...

Think there is little danger of many locals heading up to the railway station to greet The GB&I Curtis Cup Team, most cant be arsed & will just saunter up to Viewfield, wonder how many locals will head to The West GC now that Nairn girl Kelsey Macdonald was not picked for the squad.

yooth said...

Nah, much more fun gate crashing the toffs party

Graisg said...

@ the girny one. Better not say that, live and let live, let them that want to go to Viewfield go to Viewfield?

Park Street Pete said...

Not a bad turn out for the arrival of The Curtis Cup Team who looked overwhelmed by the fantastic reception they received when the train pulled into the station, looking at those who turned up to welcome The Squad,I must admit it did attract most of The Pringle Sweater persuasion who live in The Town who might be classed as Toffs, but what the heck, different
strokes for different folks, Ps away down to Viewfield to see if I can pinch a strawberry, & you never know I might bump into Pookie.