Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Moray for Markets!

It's turning into a bit of a Morayshire night on the Gurn tonight but this is in relation to an earlier article looking at Michael Green's plans to liven up the town centre with a street market. A regular reader points us in the direction of the Moray Council site which states: 

"The Moray Council is keen to support markets and recognises these are an important part of community life. We offer advice and assistance to assist you processing your application to hold a market in the following Moray towns: Elgin (Plainstones), Keith, Buckie, Lossiemouth, Forres". More here. 

Could such enlightenment soon move a little further west over the border into Nairnshire?

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Murray Mint said...

Yet another argument for reverting to a "Moray & Nairn" local government set-up and getting Nairn out from under the [choose your adjective] ineffective/unresponsive/unimaginative/Inverness-centric/.... Highland Council.