Saturday, June 23, 2012

"Profitable Bike Shop In Vibrant Highland Seaside Town For Sale"

One of our regular readers sent us the link, more details on

UPDATE: Breaking News: David Brownless informs the Gurn that his business is sold subject to contract.


Anonymous said...

According to this SSTC.

Anonymous said...

get on yer bike
who,s got the money these days to start a business?

Biker Grove said...

If you walk into any off the local bike shops, and look at the prices there charging for there items no wonder there closing down they are charging to mutch and people are buying most things of the internet now as its mutch cheaper and can be delivered in 24hrs. Its no mutch wonder they cant compete sad to say but its the sign of times.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to see David and family go, they have always been very obliging and helpful when I've had any bike problems. Good luck for the future.

Graisg said...

@Biker Grove, try getting the internet to repair your bike when you need it in a hurry.
Always been no problem with David for those that brought bikes from him and he's helped out plenty that didn't buy bikes from him too.
All power to the shop and whoever takes over.

Anonymous said...

Will be really sorry to see David close down, always most helpful especially to younger people who went to him with their bikes. A really nice chap and very reasonable.

Mr E Merckx said...

Biker Grove should read an article properly before posting a reply.

As I understand it , the shop has been sold, new people will take over & a successful little local business will continue.

Where does closing down come into the equation?

The bike shop is Nairn is well liked, well supported & sells a good range of products. They've been in business now for over 20 years, so they must be doing something right.

Graisg said...

@anon 8.21
No close down of the business, just a handover to a new proprietor.

Anonymous said...

Spoke to David & Alison today.

Not closing down, that's like NOT CLOSING DOWN, for those who don't seem to understand the concept.

Business is being sold to a couple with bike trade experience here in the Highlands.

Looking forward to the same friendly service and being able to get what you want for your bike, right here in Nairn.