Friday, June 08, 2012

Pipe removed from Firhall Bridge

There's a bit more room for manoeuvre on the Firhall Bridge now after the contractors took away the asbestos pipe as this picture taken today by Murd illustrates. Hopefully it won't be too long before the Highland Council goes the whole way and makes this bridge accessible to all with the installation of ramps. 


Anonymous said...

Again another waste of taxpayers money,it surely does not justify more money being spent on it when you take into consideration how little this bridge is actualy used by the public.

Murd Dunbar said...

If you concider the numbers in the high twenty thousands as not well used and that is by those fit to get across. BUT IF IT WAS ONLY USED by a few disabled then I consider it to be worth the effort.
I have said before there are some selfish people in this world who think of no one but them selves and hide behind "ANONYMOUS"


James MacDonald said...

Murd I admire your effort & all your hard work & dedication you have put in to have better access to the bridge but in your reply to Anonymous you stated the figure of twenty thousand could you kindly tell us how this number was calculated, plus could you possibly give a quote of the costs that would incur if the bridge was to be finally refurbished to suit your satisfaction & meet the requirements for the disabled.

Anonymous said...

For the people that do enjoy the outdoors and exploring the community, this bridge is a vital link for a circular and enjoyable walk of the river.
If money is available to spend on the bridge to continue this route to the ones who enjoy it, (myself included) and the less abled then why not. This way maybe the above anonymous will have a chance to walk the route and maybe reconsider his first opinion.?

James MacDonald said...

Thanks Murd for your very prompt reply which is very much appreciated, this will help me with a research project I am about to start which is investigating spending budgets in The Highlands.
If all goes well with the bridge I hope those responsible will have the decency to ask you to officially open it.