Monday, July 11, 2016

Black cat missing in Fishertown

Missing in the Society Street area of the Fishertown since around the 6th July, Toby, a one year old, short haired, predominately black cat - although he does have a white patch on his tummy and a few flecks of white under his chin.  

Toby is a very friendly, handsome boy who likes his food.  His family are missing him terribly, especially his twin brother, Blue, as they were always together.  

You can see Toby's white patch in this picture. 

If you live in the Fishertown and you have seen Toby please contact Andrew on 451090?  Could you also please check any sheds, outhouses, bunkers or garages, etc, in case Toby’s been shut in somewhere?  


Andrew Purkis said...

Toby is an extremely friendly cat and will go up to anyone to say hello. He may have done so and someone has thought that he is homeless, a stray.

He has a small white fleck of white hair on his neck under his chin and a white area under his tummy. If you see a black cat and call Toby, he will come up to you if it is him

Anonymous said...

Hope he turns up soon.