Sunday, July 31, 2016

Less Showies at the Nairn Games this year?

Concerns have been raised on social media that some of the Showies might not be coming to Nairn Games this year because of their concerns over what is perceived as high charges for pitches by the Common Good Fund. The topic has been raised with background information on the popular facebook page Nairn our Town our views and a parallel conversation started also on the Nairn Rocks page - over on that discussion local SNP councillor Stephen Fuller said in response to concerns:

"There hasn't been any formal complaint directed to us regarding this, we have
Councllor Stephen Fuller SNP
been in contact many times with the organisers of the showies regarding various arrangements. Steps are being taken to attempt to resolve provision of power supply around the area. As far as I know there are no plans of increasing the fees for use of the area and all money raised goes back directly into the common good fund. If who you have spoken to has issues that need to be raised then I would suggest that you advise them to contact the local members and ward manager directly. Games day and the shows are a major annual event for Nairn and should be supported as much as possible."

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