Monday, July 18, 2016

Delnies please not Nairn South - anyone? Golf course, hotel, and 300 homes to start within a year?

According to the Press and Journal: 

"Work on a long-planned £70million Nairn golf and 300-home development could finally get under way next year.

Plans for the project have been on the table for almost a decade, but now Cawdor Maintenance Trust have revealed they hope to start work late next year or early 2018.

Critics of the proposal are adamant, however, that vital infrastructure to support it is not in place.

The development is planned for land north of the A96 Inverness-Aberdeen route at Delnies, and features an 18-hole course, a luxury hotel, a tourism and heritage centre, equestrian centre and housing."
Would the sewage have to go to Ardersier though given the state of the local infrastructure? Plenty more in Iain Ramage's article here with comment from some of the usual suspects.


Anonymous said...

How about neither. after all they are ruining the area a bit further along the road at Tornagrain.

Anonymous said...

Now then
You can just move to Tornagrain and be away from it all. Make A home available for the people born in Nairn and want to stay in Nairn.

Anonymous said...

Link not working!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderfully open minded and 21st century outlook....not..

Why not move to Royston Vasey? .. that was well suited to 'local people' ...

Anonymous said...

Link sorted?

Anonymous said...

Ken Bowlt, spokesman for Cawdor Maintenance Trust, said:“The High Street is getting run down and there’s no footfall in the shops,” he said. “A lot of people are going to Inverness instead because it has the retail.”

and this development is going solve this how exactly? People will just keep on going to Inverness or shop online, we're in a different ball game than where we were 10 years ago, shopping patterns have changed and I don't think multiple houses, multiple golf courses, an hotel etc, etc is going to help Nairn High Street at the moment.