Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Merryton bridge still the pinch point in the Nairn sewage system

Once the rain kicks in like it did this morning the infrastructure at the bridge just can't take it. Unless something is done in this area it looks like we could be looking at appearances of the Broon Lagoon for many years to come. Surely there has to be a health and safety issue here too and not just from the jobbies out on the pavement - imagine bumping into that heavy manhole cover in the dark, blown up out of its position by the power of sewage/water pressure. Images will enlarge. 


Indyref2 said...

Lets build more houses in Nairn as the infrastructure has spare capacity, hasn't it?

I doubt the quality of the water in the river and the sea around Nairn is very high after the rain we've had today. Can only be thankful this wasn't the scene on Monday as the beaches were crowded yesterday with folk in the water with the warm weather

How many times has the Gurn highlighted this issue? Too many, but no-one seems to want to do anything about it other than shrug their shoulders

Anyone in authority reading this want to take some ownership?

Anonymous said...

Nairn is a laughing stock,with that flooding,and the debaucle at Cawdor road bridge,and no ramp at firhall bridge,,,if this was in inverness,it would be fixed immediately,

Anonymous said...

Yet another serious state of affairs with nothing done since the last time. When will SEPA and Scottish Water get their act together and fix the problem. The beach will undoubtedly fail, if a test is done with the usual bad press following. Well done Gurn for the usual horror pictures - this is the Glasgow Fair holiday fortnight and word will surely get back to future holidaymakers not to go to the polluted Nairn.

jayteescot1 said...

Torrrential downpours will become ever more common with climate change. Nairn River Community Council is quite right opposing further housing development in Nairn until the infrastructure is put in place to cope with it. Local residents adjacent to the merryton bridge should complain about the health hazard, due to the overflow on the pathways.

Anonymous said...

wonder what the water quality for the beach is today?

Anonymous said...

Building all those houses at Nairn South will make the pressure on our outdated sewerage system even worse, Highland Council and Scottish Water turn a blind eye, but this problem affects us all in Nairn & our tourism. Anyone who cares about our town should be aware of this and ready to stand up to those who wish only to profit from building more private housing for commuters, putting more pressure on our health service, getting a dentist, the schools and roads but not investing anything where it is needed. Housing like the majority built at Lochloy do not bring shoppers to our High Street or jobs because most new residents work & shop elsewhere. If this wasn't the case there should be a thriving high street catering for the diverse needs of so many new residents - there isn't - as those in full time employment work long hours to pay the bills and spend so much time commuting they have no time or money for Nairn.

Council elections next year - my question to each candidate looking for my vote is what have you done to help the people of Nairn stand up to the profiteering developers & the Highland Council planners who have no interest in our wonderful town? You want our vote? Then stand up for Nairn now. Actions speak louder than words.