Monday, July 04, 2016

With the cuts kicking in - grass cutting, doggie jobbie, weeds and litter anger hit the headlines.

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Thunderer. Yeah folks, does look indeed like the cuts have gone too far now – things are noticeable. What shall we do?  Time to take a few more consultants on the books?  An emergency survey might help? Take all your woes to the service point as a local Highland Councillor recently suggested instead of raising them in public?  

Here at the Gurn cynicism levels have gone into overdrive – too many workers have been paid off and it all looks broken now and our local councillors should put their hands up and admit this. It all seems about an endless circuit of talk and good intentions with nothing ever getting sorted and the outlook is only for even more of the same. On Sunday local business folk and others are going to do a High Street Clean-up - maybe this is the template for the future if we want anything put right?