Thursday, September 08, 2016

Newsflash - drains blocked Boathpark

A report in from our Boathpark office which we were unfortunately unable to file immediately due to an appointment with a dram (in memory of Geoff Skeet who was cremated today after a humanist ceremony in Inverness that celebrated his life - more celebrations at the Legion at 6 pm for all those that knew Geoff through the many activities and contributions that he made to our community). 

Anyway here is the picture over the wires from our Boathpark Bureau.


Avenue Resident said...

When a member of the Nairn River Community Council was altered to the flooding he immediately contacted the relevant authority through their emergency number, Scottish Water raised an issue for this problem to be dealt with at the highest priority. They contacted their local team of specialists who immediately made his way back from Fort Augustus (where he had been dispatched to earlier in the day to deal with a jammed pump. At first it was believed the pump, being at the side of Loch Ness had trapped the tail of the Monster but it turned out to be merely a length of rope - or was it?). Arriving in Sutors Avenue David, as is his name, quickly ascertained the problem and traced it to a choked pipe. Deploying all his skills and equipment he flushed through the system clearing away the contaminants. The system and some inspection chambers had been flooded with cooking fat and some other items better left unmentioned.
After the choke was dealt with the surface water quickly cleared away and Sutors Avenue was again back to "normal".
So the message is "do not pour cooking fat or oil down your drains nor anything else that the sewerage systems are not designed to carry".
If this type of flooding occurs contact Scottish Water as soon as possible.
So many thanks to NRCC for raising the issue with Scottish Water and many thanks to Scottish Water and their operative, David, for getting it dealt with so efficiently.

Anonymous said...

When clearing blockages from the drains in our house the only place we get signs of a fat build up is in the bathroom, this I suspect is soap rather than us emptying chip pans. I wonder if it's us all keeping clean rather than munching on chips that is the reason for the fat build up in our main drains?