Monday, September 19, 2016

Next steps for Nairn South Masterplan

Nairn South Masterplan will be considered at a future meeting of the Nairnshire Area Committee to allow further time to fully consider comments received.

The item presenting feedback from the consultation on the Transport Appraisal for Nairn South was scheduled to be considered at the next Nairnshire Committee meeting. However, due to the breadth of issues raised in comments received and the need to fully consider these, whilst also seeking views from the transport consultants who carried out the appraisal, the item will be referred to a future meeting. Members will then be asked to agree the Council position on the issues raised and the next steps in preparing the Nairn South Masterplan.

Whilst there has been some slippage in timescales, the commitment to prepare the Nairn South Masterplan remains a requirement of the Inner Moray Firth Local Development Plan Action Programme and will be prepared by the Council. This work, when complete, will guide any future development on this site and put us in a strong position to determine any application for development.

Nairnshire Committee Chair Cllr Michael Green said: “I am delighted the Council is taking adequate time to investigate, analyse and reflect on the large number of responses received from the Nairn Community.”

Gurn comment: It's now just over three years since the residents of Nairn took to the streets to demonstrate against the Nairn South proposals and it still this overwhelmingly unpopular idea lives on.

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murd said...

Now lets see how long the people who declared NAIRN IT'S OUR TOWN.
Will take to organize the same type of demonstration to have the dangers exposed on your clips.
NAIRN IT'S OUR TOWN. and it is people's lives that are at stake.
Not A few houses being built and probably will be in the end!
So lets hope they show as the same enthusiasm to have it at least put back to what it was and reasonably Safe to use for the people who have to use it and there is not many of their faces to be seen in your pictures but plenty of them who are not exposed to the danger by using the brae.
MICHAEL GREEN has said it's A priority so lets hope any thing to make it safer will be the next thing you have to report in the not too distant future.

THE people don't require the breathing space he is so proud of THEY just want the chance to keep on breathing and not get killed on the brae.