Thursday, September 15, 2016

Quite a lot at River CC last night

A good write up has been published this morning over on the Nairn Rocks facebook site by Nairn West/Suburban Councillor Andrew Randerson. Andrew's article is also available on Nairn our Town, he begins:

"Was a fantastic meeting last night of the Nairn river community council and some bullet points below to show what a wide ranging amount of topics get discussed...and proves so many many good folk trying to do good for nairn and keep it ROCKING :)

LoreineThomson gave a passionate speech regarding community engagement laws and issues happening right now regarding Highland development plans inner moray firth plans and so so much more then I could type here ...."

You can read the rest here if you are a member of the Nairn Rocks group. 

The stuff from Leoreine Thomson was truly top of the range and we are lucky to have her researching the way Highland Council interpret the Scottish Government's Community Empowerment legislation. She reckons they are falling far, far short and we have to take them to task to make sure that we get a better deal in getting some powers back to Nairn, especially on planning where so many of Nairn's difficulties have surfaced in recent years. 

If the community is ever to take control and decide on the pace and place of future expansion of Nairn then it will have to come out of this community empowerment legislation. Councillor Michael Green was also present and he indicated his determination to get the best deal for Nairn out of the Community Empowerment opportunity. The struggle continues.  Gurnshire - we need to take control ourselves - let's do it!


Anonymous said...

Did anyone mention or ask when and where the shelter (that used to be beside the sun dancer) is going to be rebuilt.

Anonymous said...

Yeh ..I totally forgot about that wee shelter....where is it now?